Eric is a certified AcroYoga teacher and Thai massage practitioner (Wat po Thailand).

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I believe that we do better physically and emotionally when we get back into our bodies and relate to the world from there.

AcroYoga for me is the practise of tuning into ourselves and others in an embodied way.  It’s fun, exciting and always has something new to show us.

I like to place joy and playfulness at the centre of the practise and allow everything to flow from there.



I absolutely love flying with Eric! He’s such a calming person to be around and he makes everything feel safe and controlled. I love how he gives small, focused steps for improvement and breaks things down in a way that makes acro feel easy.

Lucy Grace

Eric is very skilled and he always shows up with true warmth, openness, and joy! He makes everyone feel welcome and is continually creating fun experiences through acro. It’s a true pleasure to both play with him and learn from him.

Allison Sanders

I have met Eric on the beautiful island of Koh Pagnan. He is a very solid base. It was easy to fly with him, because of his natural strength but foremost because his way of communicating and explaining. We did even a high bird, a long standing dream of me.

Rene Smit

Eric is a great teacher! I felt very safe and was surprised for what I could do as a beginner, his instructions were easily understandable and I had so much fun! Thank you!

Marlea Tamou

I’m so grateful I met Eric. He is such a beautiful soul and the best acro teacher I’ve met. He makes everything feel so easy. Such a stable base, it’s like I’m practicing on the ground. He explains everything so calm and makes you understand so quickly. And also always managed to keep me in the air even when I mess up. He makes people really fall in love with acro and welcomes everyone with an open heart ♥. Thank you for being you Eric! much love Lauren

Lauren Verhoeven

Eric’s gentle and inclusive manner make him an excellent teacher. His presence and clear instruction give you the confidence to progress quickly and safely. Even in a busy class, he makes time for everyone and makes you feel both valued and empowered. He is truly an inspiring person. Highly recommended.

Michael Graf

Eric has a healing touch that is beyond comforting. I melted into our lunar session within the first minute. His technique and pressure was just right and by the end I was completely relaxed more than my body had ever been capable before or has been since.

Anastasia Butler